Who is the course suitable for?

Anyone who has recently been promoted or wants to revitalise their existing role.

What will you learn?

Our programmes are designed to offer a full suite of training covering all areas of the Tier 2 Immigration. So whether you are looking to update on new guidelines or refresh your knowledge; iConsultants can support your learning process.

What topics will be covered?

  • Responsibilities of a Tier 2 Sponsor
  • Maintaining accurate employee records
  • Understanding immigration law
  • Monitoring immigration status and preventing illegal employment
  • The categories of permission
  • Reporting various changes of circumstances to the sponsor

What will you receive?

  • In depth training from an experienced instructor
  • Carefully delivered course designed to provide you with an understanding and ability to become a Tier 2 Sponsor
  • Lunch and refreshments during the course
  • Certificate of attendance (if requested)

Pre-requisites and preparing for this course

Tier 2 Compliance

Course Overview

This course will help you to navigate the audit process with mock interviews, simulating how the home office would conduct their audit.

UK Government make changes to immigration law often, so it is crucial employers are up to date with the latest legislation for non EU migrants and their ‘right to work’ status.

From experience, our immigration consultants suggest carrying out employee checks every 6 months or more to prevent any possible changes causing serious issues because you were unaware.


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