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iConsultants focuses on results and the growing success of your business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small, medium or established brand, we offer consulting support on the best way to work smarter, not harder. Because we understand that ultimately, the aim is to increase productivity, which in turn saves you valuable time, resources and finances. We are a friendly team of deep thinking consultants, who are used to tailoring your needs with careful and strategic thought out solutions to help steer your business towards the cutting edge of the future.

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iConsultants Vs Recruitment Agencies

Hiring a consultant from a recruitment agency, usually means waiting for the right candidates, paying extra to cover agencies fees, fixed contracts and lack of connection with your companies culture. Clients trust us because we save you time and money by firstly making sure you are clear on your outcomes and what you want from the project before moving forward. There’s no need for a fixed contract, as you may not want the consultant for the entire time as previously predicted. Whether one week to several months, we believe that flexibility makes the project run more smoothly. Why not cut out the middle man and speak directly to one of our team of industry experienced consultants.

Why choose iConsultants?

Our consultants have decades of transformational change, technical delivery and compliance experience, working in various industries. We recognise the financial and business impacts when a project does not run to plan or due to design challenges. There can be many reason’s why a consultant is needed, so it is imperative we get to the heart of any issues quickly regardless of the complexities; whilst maintaining a focus on in-budget and on-time delivery. iConsultants approach is to focus on identifying ineffective processes and implement solid foundations which work seamlessly across all your business functions. If you have an existing delivery partner, we can help challenge some of the advice they may give you. We provide the top 4 consulting experience at fraction of the cost. So, if you need help from the initial stages of your project right through to execution, feel free to give us a shout and we will  be more than happy to help.

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