Since our launch in 2013 iConsultants have had the pleasure of working a long side some of the most amazing professionals, in house teams, businesses and start ups around the UK and globally. Our philosophy is simple in that we are a reflection of our company ethos. We are a happy friendly team who love what we do and we want you to be the same. We can’t promise to eliminate traffic jams to and from the office, but we can be bold thinkers in continuing to transform ways of working for professionals and businesses. A happy workplace can only have a positive impact, which means growth in productivity, and then ultimately growth in customer loyalty. After all, it’s in our DNA to simplify complexity.


Our vision is to transform ways of working for businesses and professionals so it’s progressive, inspirational and a fun place to be. We think bold and big.


iConsultants deliver industry leading training courses to professionals, so they can excel and gain a competitive edge, while simplifying complexity in businesses by enriching the clarity needed to be much better leaders of the future and compliant to legislative framework.


Why gender diversity? Diversity inclusion, whether it’s social class, ethnicity or gender is crucial for the culture of a business to perform effectively in today’s modern markets. Diverse businesses are known to be more profitable. While worldwide governments and campaigners forge ahead to bring positive change, the UK continues to fuel efforts in tackling the lack of gender diversity representation in leadership roles by holding top firms accountable. iConsultants is passionate about being apart of that change to increase the number of women in board room and executive roles. We understand the importance of both men and women involvement in decision-making, as this attracts better opportunities for business growth. As we monitor our target driven initiative, iConsultants plan to see a steady rise in numbers over the next coming years.

iConsultants leadership training course is packed with tools to prepare professional women to become confident leaders as they excel in their career and inspire others to follow.

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